Rawstudio: an open source raw converter 
Tuesday, February 20, 2007, 05:48 PM - Photography
Raw converters was an area with an obvious lack of open source offer.
Of course, basic solutions like using the UFRaw plugin for the Gimp or even directly using DCRaw from the command line were possible. But it only provides a minimal solution (not even mentionning that the Gimp does not yet support 16 bits per channel), and not really what I have in mind for a usable raw converter.

To me, a raw converter should provide at least the following:
*handling of raw files (of course)
*luma/colors global manipulations
*ability to copy settings between files
*batch processing

And a really good one would also provide correction tools (lens correction).

Rawstudio seems to be the first piece of open source software going in this direction. With a few version iterations, it could become something really nice, filling a need.

Now, please explain me why is there no Windows version available?

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